Christian Bianciotto

Code with love/hate

I am Christian an italian Software Engineer and I live near Turin. I love computers and technologies and I like to work in different sectors, jumping from frontend to backend using always new tools.


I try to search always the best way to do all things in terms of good and fast development and using the best practice.


For 3 years I have been working on the mobile applications for iOS and Android devices and I reached a good level of experience with Android Studio, fragment, Xcode, storyboard and CoreData.

I have started to work with Python and Django since 2014, I have increased my skils and after a few years of experience I have designed, developed and mantained the web application of with the REST API, obtaining a test coverage of 94% thanks to Selenium and a Jenkins continuos integration testing. I have also designed and mantained an AWS infrastructure with 10 machines using Ansible and I have worked and mantained on a deploy script that allows to deploy without downtime.

I'm interested in software security (I have done some CTF and security assessment), electronics (in my spare time I designed PCB for personal project) and embedded systems.